Bridal Head Pieces


For a Bride with short hair, the look she wants, hinges upon what type of Headpiece she will wear on her Wedding Day.

Vintage-look Swarovski Crystal Bridal Comb For Brides with medium to long hair, the decision to wear the hair up or down, or up at the front and down at the back, is a big one, and involves finding a style that the Bride likes and will feel comfortable in, and what type of Headpiece she will wear.

The Bride shown on the right has chosen a Veil which sits low at the back of her head, below her long hair, and she is wearing the Swarovski Crystal Bridal Comb in an up-do.

Duchess of Cambridge Swarovski Crystal Tiara Set This gives a stylish, elegant look. For this look the Bride could wear a Tiara, a Bun Wrap or, for simple Garden Wedding, fresh flowers in her hair.

The Bride on the left has chosen to wear her long hair down, with a Tiara and no veil, which, when worn with the matching Duchess of Cambridge Crystal Tiara Set and looks beautiful.

Either of these hairstyles would be lovely for a Formal or Informal Wedding Ceremony.

Below, is a hairstyle which was all the rage in the 1960′s and which is again becoming popular – the tiara, hairband or bun-wrap worn around a Bun hairstyle.

Bun wrap For an up-do the Bride-to-be may choose a simple Bun, a French Braid, French Twist, or a combination of these, such as the hair braided before being made into a Bun.

This style can be worn with or without a Bridal Veil, and can have a charming retro look when paired with a Vintage Wedding Gown.

Another lovely look for the Bride’s special day, is the hair worn taken up at the sides and left down at the back, which is the style worn by the Bride below, who has chosen to wear this Tatiana Antique Silver Headpiece for her ceremony.

Tatiana Antique Silver Headpiece In the weeks leading up to the ceremony, most women take the time to have their hair done by the hairdresser who will be doing her hair on the Wedding Day.

Make sure to take along whatever headpiece you intend to wear, to see which style looks the best with the particular headpiece you have chosen.

Casablanca Lace Wedding Dress Another option for today’s Bride is shown on the right – wearing the hair up, with hair adornment but no veil, to show of the back of an ornate Wedding Gown – the elegant and beautiful Casablanca Lace Wedding Dress.

Have a Happy Wedding!

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