When you receive your Wedding Gown

When you receive
your Wedding Gown

Your Wedding Gown will take between 7 - 8 weeks to arrive from the manufacturer and will be delivered to you in a shipping package or carton and will probably be vacuum packed. This is to save space and ensure that they can ship your gown to you in the most cost effective way.

You should remove your gown from the packaging and hang it up. It will be shipped inside out, to protect any beading on the garment, so turn it the right way before hanging up.

Check the dress to make sure it has arrived in good condition.

Although our Bridal Gowns are shipped in such a way that wrinkles are minimized, if your gown is creased you may wish to have it professionally steamed at a Dry Cleaners, or hang it in a steamy bathroom for an hour, to help the creases "drop out".

Do not attempt to iron your gown!

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