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Product Categories

Wedding Gown Fabrics

When choosing the fabrics for Wedding Gowns, the bride-to-be may be overwhelmed with the choices available.

Here is a short overview of some of the fabrics used in the manufacture of Bridal Wear today.

Tulle Garments made from Tulle will have a soft and lacy, floaty look and it is a popular fabric for Wedding Gowns, and it is often used on the "Ballerina" type of Wedding Gowns

Lace When you choose Lace as the fabric for your Wedding Dress, you are selecting a fabric which has been used for centuries, either for the whole Dress or as trim

Satin Historically made from Silk, today's Satin Wedding Gowns are most often made of synthetic fibres, however, satin has a high lustre and is glossy and smooth and ideal for Wedding Dresses

Organza This is a thin, sheer fabric once made from silk, but today made with polyester, and is lustrous and shimmering and Gowns made of this fabric are much in demand for their elegance and beauty

Taffeta Originally from Persia, this crisp, smooth plain woven fabric is made from silk or synthetic fibers, and it is considered to be a "high end" fabric and is very popular with modern Brides

Chiffon This fabric is one that falls into soft folds, it is a light-weight fabric which is smooth and lustrous, and gives an elegant and floating appearance to a Wedding Gown

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