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Choosing your
Wedding Dress Length

Where will your Wedding Ceremony be held?

What time of day will your Wedding be?

Knee Length Wedding Dresses

Tea Length Wedding Dresses

Hi-Low Wedding Dresses

Ankle Length Wedding Dresses

Floor Length Wedding Dresses

When you are deciding what your Wedding Dress Length will be, you should take into consideration whether your Wedding Ceremony will be indoors or outdoors, in a Church or City Hall, and whether your Wedding will be Formal or informal

For a Garden or Beach Wedding, a Bride could wear either a short, Knee Length or Tea Length Wedding Dress, an Ankle Length Gown or, if she wishes, a Floor Length Wedding Gown

For an Evening Wedding, a casual Full Length Wedding Gown
would be appropriate

For a Wedding in a Chapel or Church, the Bride will traditionally wear a more formal Wedding Gown, perhaps one which is more modest and covers more of her body, although today's Brides often choose
Strapless or Off-the-Shoulder Gowns

There is no hard and fast rule about the length or style of a Bride's Gown on her Wedding Day, therefore, make your choice based on what
would like to wear!

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