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When planning your Wedding, the price of your Wedding Dress is often one of the main considerations and nobody wants to cut corners on their special day, but there are ways that a Bride-to-be can save money, and still look fabulous!

As the mother of three daughters, and mother-in-law of two more, I have shopped with our girls for their Wedding Gowns, and have been shocked at the prices that are charged by the local Bridal Wear Shops.

After careful research, we have found suppliers that will ship good quality, great value, Wedding Gowns to our customers, and in most cases, you will be able to order your Wedding Dress here, on-line, for a fraction of the cost of the same dress in a Bridal Store!

Some Brides check out the local Bridal Stores and Bridal Magazines first, to see which style they prefer, then come to our site to make their final selection, and pay only 35% - 50% of the cost of the Bridal Store Dress!

Remember .... you can spend less on your Dress by purchasing it on-line, without it looking like a Cheap Wedding Dress!


$50 - $150
$150 - $200
$200 - $250
$250 - $275
$275 - $300
$300 - $325
$325 - $350
$350 - $400
$400 - $450
$450 - $500

So, go ahead and click around our site, and use the "Contact Us" form if you have any questions.

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