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Cheshire Wedding Veil

Cheshire Wedding Veil

Cheshire Wedding Veil
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Your elegant Cheshire Wedding Veil is a dainty Double Layer Fingertip Length Bridal Veil with delicate edging

This pretty veil is gentle and beautiful, and is sure to enhance your beauty on your Wedding Day!

Can be worn back as shown, or over the face for your walk down the aisle

2 Layer Fingertip Length Wedding Veil

Colors: White, Ivory

Length: Elbow Length, Size: 29" x 34" long by 54" wide

Layer: 2 Layer

Voile de mariée de charme, veli a prezzi accessibili, pretty brudens slöja, Großhandel Schleier, Véu de Noiva, eleganten Brautschleier

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