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Emma of Normandy Tiara

Emma of Normandy Tiara

Emma of Normandy Tiara
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The lovely Emma of Normandy Tiara, a Regal Bridal Tiara with a stunning arrangement of freshwater pearls, clear Swarovski crystals, and sparkling rhinestones

There is a beautiful silver plated ribbon design of this tiara, and it would be a charming wedding diadem for the modern, vintage, or classic bride

The ornamented portion of the piece measures 9" wide and 1" tall, and the piece ends with two loops that allow you to fasten it in your hair with bobby pins

This is a beautiful Bridal Wedding Crown- you'll feel like Royalty in this headpiece on your wedding day!

Shipping and handling is included in the cost of this lovely tiara

Emma of Normandy was an amazing woman of her day, born in the year 985 and was the daughter of Duke Richard of Normandy, Emma was Queen of England twice! First as the Queen-consort of King Ethelred the Unready, whom she married in 1002, and then by her later marriage in 1017 to King Knut of Denmark who was also King of England at that time

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