Gowns at the Bridal Store
Gowns at the Bridal Store .....

Q. I am getting married next summer and I have always dreamed of buying my Wedding Gown at a local Bridal Store.

I want the experience of trying on those lovely gowns with my mother and sisters, and if I buy a gown on-line I will miss out on that experience.

What should I do?

A. Hello, many Brides-to-be have also dreamed of trying on gowns at a Bridal Store, and that is the way that many ladies choose and purchase their Wedding Dresses.

Just recently we heard of a newly Engaged woman who spent a lovely morning with her mother, trying on gowns, chose the one she loved, and has ordered and paid over $2,000 for it.

The snag is that we have almost the same Ballerina Ball Gown, for $325 so in effect, this girl has just paid the Bridal Store $900 an HOUR for letting her try their dresses on!

If you want to include your Mom and others in on the fun of choosing your wedding gown, why not get together for a coffee morning with your lap-tops and check out all our gowns

Or, you could try gowns on at the store, decide which style, fabric and neckline you like, then cut out the middle man, and choose your gown from the many available here at our on-line store.

Ballerina Ball Gown

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