How can you sell Wedding Dresses at such low prices
How can you sell
Wedding Dresses at such low prices?

Q. I am looking at Wedding Gowns at a local Bridal Shop in my city and they are all so expensive.

How can you sell yours at such low prices?

A. Well, Bridal Shops have many overheads, we have almost none.

We run our online business in such a way, that the Dressmakers make your gown and ship it directly to YOU, we do not have a warehouse or store-front to pay for.

Bridal Stores have a "bricks and mortar" store to finance, electricity and other utilities to pay for, staff to employ, and they need to keep an inventory on hand. All this adds up to great expense, and this is what keeps their prices high.

So you see, when it comes to purchasing your Bridal Gown from our online store, you can "Cut out the Middle Man!" and save yourself money!

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