I found a Dress I love but
I found a Dress I love but
it doesn't have shoulder straps

Q. I found a Dress I love, but I wish it had shoulder straps.

How can I find another Wedding Gown just like it, with straps?

This is a great questions - we have found that our Wedding Dress manufacturers can often make changes to a design, including adding straps to a strapless dress, removing the train if you don't want it, and making long sleeves shorter, or short sleeves longer.

I should mention that this isn't always possible, but if you have a Wedding Dress in mind, and it isn't exactly what you want, please contact us and ask if changes could be made, as often they can, for a small additional charge.

We recently had a customer who loved one of our gowns but wanted a longer train, longer lace sleeves and a higher neckline, and the gown made-to-measure .... those changes cost an additional $90 making the total cost of her gown $395.00 - quite a bargain!

Another bride recently liked two of our gowns - the skirt from one, and the bodice from another - our dressmakers were able to custom make the gown for her, made to measure!

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