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Modest Satin and Lace Bridal Gown Today’s Wedding Dresses come in all colours, styles and fabrics, with many being strapless or off-the shoulder, but Modest Wedding Gowns are also gaining popularity.

For a Wedding to be performed in some denominations of Christian Church, including LDS Churches, it is required that the Bride have her shoulders modestly covered.

The Modest Satin and Lace Bridal Gown shown on the left would be modest enough for an LDS wedding. Other brides just don’t feel as comfortable with a strapless or more revealing Wedding Dress.

If you don’t know whether your Church has any rules about the Bride’s Dress, just check with your Priest or Pastor.

A mature, or second time bride may also wish to wear a more conservative Bridal Gown.

For a wedding in a Jewish Temple, the Bride must be modestly covered and must have her shoulders covered.

The dress itself may have short, three-quarter or long sleeves, or a short jacket, wrap or lace bolero-style top may be worn over the wedding gown, which would make any gown less revealing, and more modest.

The gown shown above, is a Embroidered Organza Wedding Dress with Long Sleeves is romantic and lovely, and is available with a lined bodice for a more modest option

Consider too, the mature Bride, or the bride who is having a second marriage, who may not wish to expose too much of herself on her special day – for her, a gown with sleeves would be ideal.

The lovely Strapless Satin Gown with Long Sleeved Lace Overlay shown on the right, has a lace bolero style jacket and is beautifully styled.

This gown would be perfect for your Wedding ceremony and reception as it covers the shoulders and arms of the Bride, yet is stylish and glamorous.

Today, many couples are choosing to renew their wedding vows in a Vow Renewal Ceremony, either at a casual and relaxed ceremony in the garden or park, or in church, where a beautiful and modest gown such as this Short Sleeved Chiffon over Satin Dress would be lovely.

This gown is elegant and stylish and would be lovely for the modest woman who is looking for a beautiful dress. You can see more lovely Bridal wear in our Modest Wedding Gowns section


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