Wedding Vow Renewal Gowns


Today, many couples are renewing their Wedding Vows after ten or twenty years or another significant anniversary.

Charming Strapless Chiffon Beach Wedding Dress Women often ask whether it is permissible to wear a white or ivory wedding gown for a Vow Renewal ceremony.

The answer to that question is – yes, Wedding Vow Renewal Etiquette says that you can wear a white dress or gown, however, but it is not a wedding and a train or veil should not be worn.

So there you have it, you can wear a lovely white or ivory gown, or any colour you choose, but it should not have a long train, nor should you wear a traditional wedding veil.

The Charming Strapless Chiffon Beach Wedding Dress shown above, can be made without a train and has a timeless elegance which would be perfect.

Lace and Satin Sweetheart Sheath Gown with Cap Sleeves The lovely gown shown on the left, is a Lace and Satin Sweetheart Sheath Gown with Cap Sleeves, which would be very suitable for a Vow Renewal.

Sometimes, a Vow Renewal is held after the birth of a child, or when couples did not originally have a Religious wedding, but would now like to have one, and have chosen to renew their vows and reaffirm their commitment to each other.

There are many lovely bridal gowns which do not have a train, and others which do but which can often be made without the train.

Romantic Strapless Chiffon over Satin Gown Chiffon is a lovely fabric for a casual Vow Renewal, and Lace, Taffeta or Satin are also suitable.

Gowns in an assortment of styles would also be suitable for this occasion, including an Empire Line gown which has a high waist and the fabric falls from under the bosom – chiffon is a lovely fabric for this style.

A strapless gown could be worn, or a halter neckline or a dress with straps or sleeves.

The Romantic Strapless Chiffon over Satin Gown on the right, has a strapless neckline and flattering column styling and would be lovely for a vow renewal.

Tulle and Satin Tea Length Wedding Dress I would suggest avoiding a ballgown style dress for this occasion as those gowns are typically Wedding Dresses only.

When choosing your gown, consider whether the event will be held in a Church or Chapel, or in a garden or park – you can choose a relaxed and casual gown for your special day - the Tulle and Satin Tea Length Dress shown here would be lovely for a Renewal of Vows ceremony.

Although a traditional bridal veil should not be worn, a head piece, such as a pretty floral fascinator with a small veil and / or fresh or silk flowers, would be beautiful, and we have a selection in our Headpieces and Blusher Veils pages.

Another lovely idea would be to wear a Greek Stefana, which would be charming, or a Bridal Headband, a decorative Bridal Hair Combs decoration may be worn.

Have a happy Wedding Vow Renewal ceremony!

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